3 Smart Ways to Lower Your Average Electric Bill

The global energy crisis has a huge implication – higher energy prices. As if we aren’t already trying to navigate our way through a pandemic, prices are going up and up.

It’s not just gas. Electricity prices are pushed up, too. In 2020, 40% of the electricity in the
United States was generated using natural gas.

This begs the question—is there anything you can do about it?

You’re in the right place to find out—keep reading to find out how you can lower your average electric bill at a time where it feels like everything is getting more expensive.

Smarten Up Your Home

Smart home technology is constantly evolving, and where in the past it was perhaps seen as gimmicky or just for nifty gadgets, there are some genuinely useful products available to not only make your life easier, but cheaper, too.

A smart thermostat is a fantastic way to regulate your usage, and many come with analytical functions so that you can keep track.

Smart lightbulbs have various features, including automatically turning on and off when you enter/leave a room. No more shouting at the kids to turn the lights off!

Go Solar

Solar power used to be a technology reserved for the well-off. Thanks to improvements in technology and production, solar installation cost averages are down substantially.

If you’re able to make the initial investment in solar panels, the difference over the long term is huge, and you could even make money on any surplus electricity your home generates as it is fed into the national grid.

Increase Your Usage Awareness

It’s not just your home that you can make smarter—you can make smart choices with your usage too. And remember, you use electricity to heat water, too. Here are a few tips on keeping your usage down, so that you can be aware.

Take Shorter or Cooler Showers

This won’t be a popular option (who doesn’t love a long, hot shower?) but short, warm showers over the course of a year will reflect clearly in your bills.

Wash Clothes at a Cooler Temperature

Most washing machines have an “eco” setting, the main feature of which is to wash your clothes at a lower temperature than the regular setting.

Save the hot washes for heavily soiled items—cooler water alongside your detergent is more than enough cleaning power for most clothes.

If You’re Not Using It, Turn It Off

This doesn’t just go for lights. Did you know that a TV on standby will still use up to 5% of the power it uses while it’s on?

This may not sound like much, but over the course of a year it could add to your total energy costs more than you’d think.

Save electricity and power off your TV and other plugged-in devices.

Lower Your Average Electric Bill With These Tips

If you want to lower your average electric bill, the first step is being aware of where you might be using more than you should.

The best long-term solution is probably to go solar, but everyone can make small changes that could make big differences to electricity costs.

Did you find these energy saving tips helpful? Check out more like it on the Lifestyle section of the blog.


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