Zack Snyder reveals he was planning a prequel to Wonder Woman

Remember the black and white photo of Wonder Woman among warriors that was recently revealed by Zack Snyder? It seems that it wasn’t just a photo, but rather a reference to a prequel film about the heroine that was never filmed.

Therefore, the idea is that the film would show the life of the Amazon warrior before she met Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). “The idea was just an initial sketch of what we were doing: after Wonder Woman left her home in search of Ares, what happened to her life in her various incarnations?” Snyder told Empire. “My idea was that she would travel the world in search of the villain, and go to all the places where there was conflict,” he added.

For now, DC Studios’ main project is the Superman reboot. The film will show the Man of Steel at the beginning of his heroic career, trying to establish himself in a world that already has superheroes.

The new film will feature David Corenswet (Pearl) in the title role; Rachel Brosnahan (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) as Lois Lane; Nicholas Hoult (The Great) as Lex Luthor; Skyler Gisondo (Licorice Pizza) as Jimmy Olsen; between others.

Scheduled for release on July 11, 2025, Superman is the first film in the new DCU.

As for Wonder Woman, the two films featuring the Amazon played by Gal Gadot are available on Max.