TikScoop: 9 TikTok Recent Features That You Need to Know in 2023

TikTok is all way with the new features and trends. It is a trendsetter platform where recent trends are emerging. As the platform is full of trends, other platforms would copy from the TikTok and re-create the same videos. It is how TikTok trends are becoming world famous. If you create a trending video and want to make it perfect, then you shall try using a free tiktok video downloader and shall check on your faults, and then give out the perfect video. TikTok continues to top the social media landscape with its updates. If you want to succeed on the platform, then you have to stay tuned for the updates. In this article, we shall discuss the TikTok’s recent features that help the creators provide great videos. Let’s get started!

9 TikTok Recent Features in 2023

  1. Sleep Reminder Feature

TikTok is one of the platforms where people spend a lot of time. Sometimes, they must be made aware of when they use the app. It may sometimes be wrong too. The platform has even received criticism in the past for distracting the audiences. So to reduce this case, the app is now ready with a sleep reminder feature. TikTok has experimented with the sleep reminder feature. Now TikTok users shall view the daily and night screen time through the screen time dashboard. It is a handy feature for all age groups using the app. Even with this feature, setting an alert on the TikTok is possible. The alert will indicate to the users it is bedtime. You shall even mute the notifications as you need. 

  1. Scrubbing Thumbnails

TikTok is now rolling out with the scrubbing thumbnails. These thumbnails help you locate a particular section of the video. Right from the start, if you scroll down the video to the front or back, it is possible to watch a specific section of the video. If any viewer wants to watch the last part of the video, then it is easy to scroll and watch it. The viewers need not wait till the last. It is more like a time saver. 

  1. ‘For You’ Page Curation

Every platform algorithm would work differently. TikTok algorithm would analyze the audiences’ preferences and then show the contents on their feed. But till now, no one shall be able to curate why all the videos are appearing on the ‘for you’ page. To make this clear, TikTok has now introduced a new feature that helps users to know why a specific video has appeared on their feed. FYPs are more critical on the TikTok. If you are a TikTok creator who wants to make your content appear on the ‘for you page,’ then you shall try using TikScoop and shall achieve your TikTok goals. 

  1. TikTok’s Keyword Insights

The keywords are the major ones that drive traffic to your videos. So content creators need to spend time choosing the right keywords. Now, the creators shall quickly get their keywords through keyword insights tools. This tool would show the proper keywords and phrases for their posts. Getting the relevant keywords at the right time is straightforward with a keyword insights tool. So content creators shall use this option and reach their target audiences as soon as possible. 

  1. Access to Movies and Tv Shows

One of the most exciting TikTok updates is that anyone shall now watch TV shows and movies on TikTok. TikTok has recently partnered with the IMDB. Users shall tag the movies and TV shows on their videos. There is an in-page app to find the relevant information from the IMDB. This feature is now available in some countries and will roll out shortly. So users shall utilize this feature and shall enjoy watching TikTok. 

  1. TikTok Now

TikTok Now is a dual-camera feature. For example, if you go for the Live feature, you shall show the audience your face and the opposite side from where you are simultaneously. Both the front and back cameras would work simultaneously. It would attract the audience to your videos. Isn’t it a cool feature that everyone shall benefit from it? Yes, TikTok users shall enjoy it. If you log in to TikTok the next time, then explore this feature for sure. 

  1. Top Product Center

A new top product segment is now added to the TikTok’s creative’s center. This feature highlights the top products on TikTok. Users would get to know the specified details about the products. For instance, if you click on a product, it will show the impressions, views, comments, likes, and much more the product has gained. This filtering would make the users get the most excellent products within seconds. 

  1. Creator’s Age Limit Extension

TikTok app has a specific age limit for viewing the content. On TikTok, the live creators should limit the watchable content to 18 years old. TikTok recently announced that the option is available worldwide for all short-form video creators. So for the blooming TikTok creators, remember these points before creating your video. 

  1. Nearby Feed

TikTok is now testing the nearby feed. Some TikTok users shall see the feed next to their ‘following’ and ‘For You’ tabs. Using these features, the creators would add location tags to their videos. The nearby feature is quite a game changer for local businesses. With this feature, local businesses shall popularize their brand quickly. If you want to make quality videos, then you shall try using TikScoop and shall acquire a high ranking. 


TikTok has all these exciting features lining up over the year, making users use the app vividly. If you still need to get on TikTok, you need to jump onto the app and explore it. Through TikTok, it is easy to capture a broad audience and build on a strong presence. On the whole, TikTok is considered the all-in-one content creation platform. Are you users ready to supercharge your success on TikTok? We hope this article is a recap of the most exciting and useful features of the TikTok. Thanks for reading!