Arizona ruling puts abortion at the center of US presidential election

Democrats wasted no time in capitalizing on Tuesday’s decision by the Arizona high court upholding a 160-year-old abortion ban, holding news conferences in crucial states and blaming former Republican President Donald Trump for eliminating the right to abortion throughout the country.

As a result, the decision by Arizona’s conservative Supreme Court sent shockwaves through the state, which is expected to play a key role in November’s presidential election and be the stage for one of the country’s hottest Senate races.

Additionally, abortion rights activists are working to put a measure on the ballot before voters in November that would enshrine abortion rights protections in the Arizona state constitution. Organizers say they have already gathered more signatures than necessary to qualify the referendum.

In an attempt to distance himself from the decision, Trump said this Wednesday (10) that the court went too far, although, at the same time, he defended the Supreme Court’s decision that allowed states to restrict abortion. He called on the Republican-controlled state legislature and the Democratic governor to change the law.

“As you know, it’s all about states’ rights — that will be resolved,” he told reporters in Atlanta before a fundraiser.

“And I’m sure the governor and everyone will bring this back to reason and that this will be resolved very quickly.”

In response, Michael Tyler, a spokesman for the Biden campaign, said: “Donald Trump is responsible for the suffering and chaos happening right now, including in Arizona.”

In addition to press conferences in Arizona cities immediately after the decision, Democrats held events in Georgia and Florida to debate the issue. President Joe Biden’s campaign hosted three events in another crucial state, North Carolina, focused on reproductive rights. Vice President Kamala Harris will visit Arizona on Friday, the White House said.

Biden’s campaign also increased its spending in Arizona with a hard-hitting ad released Monday in which a Texas woman tearfully describes nearly dying after being denied a procedure following a miscarriage. On a black screen, the words “Donald Trump did this” flash as his sobs continue in the background.