Delay in the 3rd year of Euphoria would be due to changes in the script, according to website

After the news that the third season of Euphoria had been suspended for an indefinite period and that the cast could seek other opportunities, TheWrap published that the new postponement is due to the series’ script, as we will see the characters outside of school and that would change the dynamics of the series.

A person close to the production told TheWrap that Sam Levinson’s writing schedule was delayed during the 2023 strikes and the network “wanted to give him more time to tell the story because there’s a lot more back and forth now that the show is changing shape.”

As a result, HBO denied to the website that the delay was in any way related to the controversy surrounding Sam Levinson and The Idol.

“No one has lost faith in Sam as a creator,” he told TheWrap. “He is the creative driving force of this show, he is still working with the same creative executives as always, but as the show is changing, that process is taking longer.”

The 2nd season of Euphoria aired in 2022, while the third season does not yet have a defined release date – but it is only scheduled for 2025, according to HBO.

Episodes of the series are available for streaming on Max.