The best casino movies of all time

There’s nothing like a good film – at the cinema or at home. The excuse to pig out on popcorn and shut off from the world whilst enjoying the magic of cinema is an experience we all enjoy.

One of the best sub genres of film is a film based in or around a casino. There’s no place more glamorous or full of action than a casino. The low lighting, the tension, the atmosphere – all of these things make up the perfect setting.

If you’re stuck for a film to watch, why not check out this list of casino films. We’ve got something for everyone – drama, comedy and even a casino film based on real life. Let’s get stuck into the best casino movies to date. 

The best casino movies 

  • Casino Royale 

Top of the list has to be Casino Royale. The clue is in the name – this film is based on a big casino game that James Bond has to be the winner of.

He’s playing against one of the biggest baddies of all time, Le Chiffre. This man is the banker to the world’s terrorists and it’s James’s mission to stop him winning money that could get into the wrong hands. 

Full of drama and wonderful outfits, this is the perfect casino film for those who love a bit of action packed drama. It was also Daniel Craig’s first film as Bond and he definitely proved he was up to playing the role. 

  • Big Momma’s House 2

You might not have expected this film to be on the list, but here it is. Big Momma’s House 2 actually has a great scene where the undercover cop has to infiltrate an old people’s home. 

Of course, we know that everyone loves playing at free bingo sites like Jackpotjoy, rather than only the older generation as the film suggests. But the scenes are all still awkwardly hilarious nonetheless. 

Although this film is centered around a cop undercover, the daily bingo games provide a hilarious casino feel to the film. These bingo scenes are too funny for us to leave it off the list!

  • House of Games

House of Games is the perfect combination of psychological thriller and casino based drama. A compulsive gambler tries his luck at attempting to con a psychologist who has just written a book about obsessive compulsive disorder.

She quickly gets pulled into his world and is drawn in by the fast paced excitement of it all. Things start to take a downward turn as they start to embark on a personal relationship. But will all of their risks pay off in the end? You’ll have to give it a watch to find out. 

  • Molly’s Game

Molly’s Game is a real life tale about a woman whose Olympic dreams are shattered after suffering a career ending injury.

She moves to Vegas and finds a job working the tables at a casino. She soon realises that she has a knack for this line of work, and soon starts running her own games. 

She is quickly sucked into the fast paced life of running casino games and gets in with some people who try to make her life difficult. You’ll have to give it a watch to fill in the details, but it’s made all the more interesting when you know it’s based on a real person. 

  • The Gambler

The name might have given it away slightly, but this film is all based around a gambler. He’s struggling with the dark side of the casino world in the form of a mental illness. This film isn’t for the faint of heart as it deals with some difficult topics.

However, it’s well worth watching as it addresses these issues with a sensitivity that you wouldn’t expect for the time it was made. 

  • Croupier

Croupier is a wonderfully made, neo-noir film that follows a struggling writer who takes a job as a croupier in a casino. He realises that the life he is now living as a croupier would actually make an interesting novel, and it could reignite his writing career.

But everything starts to go south when a regular at his casino wants to draw him further into the dark side of the casino world in the form of a heist. He goes from being an outside observer of the world, to well and truly in the thick of it. 

This film ended up making a lot more money than it was anticipated to make. The critics loved it and it shot Clive Owen into the world of Hollywood due to its success. 

There are so many great films out there, but we think these are the cream of the crop when it comes to casino films. Have you seen any of the films on this list?