New Netflix movie inspired by Jane Austin novel gets trailer and publicity

The new Netflix movie is a novel inspired by the work of Jane Austen. (Photo: Netflix release)

The new Netflix movie based on the Jane Austen novel has its first trailer, and promotional photos. Dakota Johnson will play Anne Elliot, a woman in search of true love. The film will also feature Cosmo Jarvis and Henry Golding. With a release date for July 15, the film breaks the fourth wall and includes the spectator in the situations, since Anne dialogues directly with the audience.

This is the second visual version of Jane Austen’s book. The first aired in 2007, starring Sally Hawkings. This one will be directed by Carrie Cracknell, a director known for working on TV plays. The film will tell the story of Anne Elliot, a single woman who finds herself in a love triangle. In the plot, the girl is persuaded by her snobbish family to refuse Frederick’s court as he was a simple and poor man. Years later, she ends up meeting him again, and reconnects with him, while trying to give love another chance. The relationship between the two is confused, and becomes a great friendship. But would the two be willing to go further? New people appear, and the beauty finds herself in doubt about how to act, and about what she expects for her future. 

Anne must decide whether to put the past aside, or move forward. (Photo: Netflix release)

In the released trailer, Dakota Johnson explains to the viewer, and talks directly to the audience, about how her life works. The character’s family, loving, and personal background is shown in her own voice. Friendship or love? The two go hand in hand, and Anne needs to find out what she really feels, without depending on others. New opportunities arise for the character, who tries to break free from shackles. “Anne must choose between putting the past behind her, or listening to her heart when it comes to second chances,” according to the synopsis. Watch the official trailer: