Kristen Stewart says acting at Marvel “seems like a nightmare”

Don’t expect to see Kristen Stewart in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie anytime soon. Unless Greta Gerwig is involved in the project. In an interview with the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast, the star of Twilight and Charlie’s Angels commented on the possibility.

“I’ll probably never do a Marvel movie. Acting in a superhero movie seems like a f*cking nightmare, actually,” she said. “And I like to do big films every now and then, because I like it when my work is seen by more people.”

With that said, what bothers Stewart specifically about the MCU, however, is that the studio “doesn’t trust its directors”: “In order for me to get on a project like this, the system would have to change. They would have to put in a lot of money. in someone’s hand, and trust them completely… and that just doesn’t happen these days.”

Criticizing the studio’s features as “algorithmic” and “without personal feeling”, she added that only one person could convince her to invest in a Marvel project: “If Greta Gerwig ever called me offering a role in a film like that, I would do”.

It’s worth remembering that Stewart is currently in theaters with the thriller film Love Lies Bleeding in which she plays a young woman who falls in love with her gym instructor (Katy O’Brian), leading her into a world of crime.