Obama steps in to help Biden and defeat Trump again

Barack Obama spent several hours last Friday in the White House family dining room, visiting with his former vice president, Joe Biden.

As a result, the atmosphere was light-hearted as the pair exchanged jokes, and the meeting served as a sort of small get-together for the two presidents’ respective staffers – many of whom knew each other from the Obama White House.

Still, the occasion wasn’t just two old friends catching up.

Obama has made it clear to associates in recent months that he believes that the intensification of Biden’s rematch with Donald Trump in November will be incredibly fierce and that the 2024 election marks an “all hands on deck” moment, according to information from CNN.

To that end, his return to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue last week was largely a working visit.

Biden and Obama, along with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, participated in an organizing call at the White House residence, announcing the 14th anniversary of the Affordable Care Act.

“We have the opportunity to do even more, but that will only happen if we send Joe and Kamala back to the White House in November,” Obama said in the video. “So we have to keep working.”

Off camera, Obama told Biden that he thought the president’s State of the Union remarks earlier this month had been effective and was proving successful, according to people familiar with the conversation.

Obama also emphasized to Biden how much he believes health care will be a politically potent and important issue in the upcoming election.

The campaign has also recorded other content featuring the two presidents, sources said, which they plan to release in the coming weeks.

Obama and Biden speak frequently, sources said, and the former president remains in direct contact with some senior White House officials, including Biden’s chief of staff, Jeff Zients, who worked in the Obama administration.

The former president has given Biden an occasional helping hand since announcing the current president’s re-election last year, particularly through public fundraising appeals and in quiet conversations hoping to calm some Democrats’ concerns about Biden’s search for office. a second term.

His involvement with Biden’s campaign is expected to intensify as the general election progresses, and aides said he has already agreed to several campaign appearances before November as he works to help rebuild Biden’s winning coalition from 2020.

Obama’s biggest endorsement of Biden’s re-election effort comes this Thursday (28) at a star-studded fundraiser in Manhattan featuring Biden, Obama and former President Bill Clinton. The three presidents will have a rare conversation, moderated by Stephen Colbert.