‘Dune: Part Two’ debuts at the top of the American box office

Unsurprisingly, “Dune: Part Two” dominated North American cinemas in its first weekend in theaters. Between Friday (1st) and Sunday, Denis Villeneuve’s film grossed US$81.5 million.

As a result, the sequel surpassed the first Dune film, which debuted with $41 million when it was released in US theaters in October 2021. It also became a highlight for some of its star-studded casts.

According to data from Comscore, “Dune: Part Two” is the biggest opening for Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Austin Butler. It is also director Denis Villeneuve’s highest-grossing film.

Furthermore, the box office value of Dune was more than 10 times greater than that recorded by “Bob Marley: One Love”, which secured second place in the period with US$7.43 million. “Ordinary Angels” grossed the third highest amount of the period, US$3.85 million.

Completing the top 5 at the weekend box office were Madame Teia ($3.2 million) and the screening of two episodes of the fourth season of The Chosen ($3.15 million).