Supreme Court rules that Trump can run in US elections

The United States Supreme Court ruled this Monday (4) that former President Donald Trump can run in the presidential elections, which take place in November.

With the decision, Trump remains qualified to be a pre-candidate for the Republican Party – he is the favorite to run for the party.

As a result, the decision takes place on the eve of Super Tuesday, the date on which 15 states and one North American territory vote simultaneously to choose the candidates. 

The expectation is that Trump will increase his advantage over his opponent Nikki Haley and practically ensure his candidacy for the White House.

It is worth remembering that the Supreme Court’s ruling reverses a specific decision in the state of Colorado, but it will apply to any other state that challenges Trump’s presence at the ballot box — and, consequently, for the entire country. In practice, there is no longer any chance that the former president will be left out of the electoral race.

The decision responded to Donald Trump’s defense appeal and overturned a ruling by the Colorado State Court, according to which Trump could not run for election because he had violated an article of the US Constitution.

In this Monday’s Supreme Court decision, however, the judges, with a conservative majority, assessed that it is not up to the states to determine whether or not a candidate can run in the elections.

“We conclude that states can disqualify people (…) from holding state office. But states have no power under the Constitution to enforce Section 3 (of the U.S. Constitution, regarding when politicians cannot return to public office) ) in relation to federal bodies, especially the Presidency”, says the sentence signed by the judges.