Another controversy: Kanye West publishes private messages and accuses the Kardashian family

Kanye is back to posting on his social media. (Photo: Instagram)

Kanye West returned to social media, and continued to post about his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian. Among them, a message from a conversation between you and Kris Jenner, the matriarch of the Kardashian clan. In the content, Kris asked the singer to stop posting private messages. The rapper admitted in a post that his addiction to underage videos destroyed his relationship. He made accusations, some outbursts, and then deleted all the posts.

Rumors are that the current feud started when Kim failed to enroll the kids at the school Kanye created, Donda Academy. It was then that he published on his networks that he would be starting a big fight about it, and that his followers could “get some popcorn”, because the subject would pay off. Then he published a print of a conversation, without naming names. Probably with Kim, where he said the matter needed to be discussed in person. In addition, he stated in the message that the person in question was half white, and that this did not give her the right to choose things 100%. It was possible to see that the person was asking him to stop “please”.

Kanye even posted a photo of Kylie Jenner’s former assistant and told her not to let Kris make her pose for Playboy. Since, Kris encouraged her daughters Kylie and Kim to pose. According to him, this type of content is his addiction, and he deals with this problem daily. He stated that it ended his family, and that he will not let his two daughters get involved in this environment. Next, Kris asked Kim to send a message on her behalf, asking the rapper to stop talking about her online. He posted a print of the message, which read: “Ask him to stop, I’m not well and this stresses me deeply”. He replied in the same tone as before: “You don’t decide where my kids go to school, they won’t pose for Playboy”, and then declared that they can go after him. He continued to criticize a possible exposure of the daughters, and called on the ex and current of the Kardashians for a sperm donation. According to him, the family thinks they are just that, a sperm bank. He also cited Kim’s ex, Pete Davidson, and concluded by saying that the issues involving his children and his brand leave him too shaken.