Understand the controversy behind the scenes of ‘Don’t worry darling’

Many controversies surround the production of the film “Don’t worry darling”. (Photo: Instagram)

The new film directed by Olivia Wilde and starring Harry Styles is already a common topic on the networks, even before its official premiere. The reason is the amount of controversy behind the scenes of the film. The director herself, who also acts in the film, is involved in situations in the production. For starters, Wilde and Styles are reportedly dating, which raises questions. In addition, problems of alleged fights between the members of the cast hover over the American newspapers.

Recently, Variety released an interview and a video in which the actor Shia Labeouf explains that he left the production due to scheduling conflicts and personal problems. It is worth remembering that Shia was being sued by his ex-wife for abuse. He also stated that he went through a severe depression. Olivia had already stated that she took the actor out of the film thinking about the safety of her team, since Shia was being accused of harassment. He then published evidence that Wilde had asked him not to leave the film. Which created a big  divergence in the director’s cut. After the exchange of arguments, there were no further explanations on the subject, and the atmosphere weighed heavily during the Venice Film Festival. The film was screened, and the actors strategically positioned so as not to generate more gossip.

In addition, one of the rumors that most surround the backstage, is that the leading actress, Florence Pugh, believes that Harry was treated differently during the recordings. She has not published about the film, nor participated in any press conferences about it. In the video that Shia Labeouf released exclusively for Variety, Wilde appears asking him not to leave the production, and refers to Florence as “Miss Flo”. The stylists of both artists published indirectly, and Florence used the phrase said by Olivia as a caption for a photo on Instagram. Pugh’s publicist stated that his absence from events in the film is due to his participation in the film Dunes 2, which is already in production. In an interview, Labeouf addressed Wilde: “You and I both know why I left.” That was enough to reignite speculation that something bigger had happened. The film is slated for a September 22 release on the big screen.