Bridgerton cast announces Season 3 is now in production

The cast of the critically acclaimed series Bridgerton appeared in a video announcing that the third season is now in production. (Photo: Netflix release)

The famous Netflix period series is back! That’s right, Bridgerton is already in the production stage. The actors of the brilliant series announced the news through a video posted on the show’s official social networks. Shonda Rhimes’ work was very successful, and reached its third phase. This time it’s brother Colin Bridgerton who will be featured. Will Lady Whistledown give a truce?

The first season was marked by the search for the perfect husband for Daphne Bridgerton. On the second, it was Viscount Anthony Bridgerton’s turn to find his love. Now, for the third phase of the plot, the younger brother Colin will search for his happiness. Would Penelope be the candidate? Not at first. She will decide to move on after what she heard from the boy in the last episode. However, she intends to continue in search of a husband who accepts and loves her.

Penelope is frustrated when she encounters difficulties in the courtship process. Meanwhile, young Bridgerton feels bad when he realizes that the only person who recognizes him for who he is is acting cold. To rekindle their old friendship, Colin decides to help his neighbor find a husband. Would that be the moment that a romance is born? Right next door, an unlikely romance could begin to emerge, this time with sister Eloise and a certain militant. The stories will be presented to the public only in 2023. The series is scheduled to premiere in the first half of next year.