24 years of Mulan: The story that won the world

The Disney film completes 24 years of worldwide success. (Photo: Disney release)

On June 19, 1998, Mulan premiered. Disney was betting on a story of a new ‘princess’, this time from the east, more precisely from China. Tradition and romance, in the face of a story of personal overcoming and love for the family. The design conquered the world, and completed 24 years of existence this year. The quest for honor and glory is the main focus of the film. Sacrifices in the name of love for her family, and a very brave princess who doesn’t wear a crown or sparkly dress.

The central story was about a family from Northern China, which worshiped the traditions of the region, with respect for ancestors as the main pillar. At one point the Mongols invade the country, and the Emperor announces that one man from each Chinese family must come forward to defend China. Seeing her father weakened, Far Mulan decides in an act of courage to defend her family herself. She dresses up as a man and goes to fight.

The course is complicated, and the training puts obstacles in Mulan’s plans. With the help of her spirit guide Mushu, a super charismatic dragon, she manages to advance with the troop. In the face of some confusion, our princess seems to have found her prince. But his cover becomes increasingly difficult to maintain. In the end, Mulan was only meant to honor her family. She ends up having the right spot and blocking the Mongols’ action, and earns the respect of all China, and the Emperor.