Batman movie deleted scene released

Matt Reeves released a deleted scene with the Joker. (Photo: Warner release)

The new Batman movie premiered on the 3rd of march this year and brought a new journey for the character. According to director Matt Reeves, Bruce Wayne is more theatrical and darker than ever. Today (24) he released a deleted scene with the Joker. The scene shows the main character Batman facing the most famous villain face to face: The Joker. The sequel takes place after Batman discovers the killer who has been terrorizing Gotham City. It can be seen that the two already have a relationship, and that something very complex happened for Joker to be sent to prison.

In the scene they talk about the main villain in the movie: the Riddler. Joker plays a word game against Batman, and questions if in fact the problem is not in him and his belief. Batman pushes Joker for reasons why Riddler is doing all these things to the people. And he replies that maybe the boy is a fan. Always leaving the hero confused.

The scene is five minutes long and shows the two of them talking in the visiting room of Arkham prison. “I think somewhere, deep down, you’re just terrified, because you’re not sure he’s wrong”, says the Joker.

watch the deleted scene here: