It is FAKE that Black Lives Matter leader is funded by the Chinese party

The political polarization that has taken the USA since the 2020 presidential elections is not a fact that exists only in small neighborhoods, but around the country, so much so that the American presidential elections demonstrate this fact and how diverse social and cultural issues are being increasingly more associated with political parties or ideological currents.

Since last month, the print of a supposed news that the leader of the movement “Black Lives Matter” (Black Lives Matter, in free translation), has been circulating on the web, supposedly with funding from the Chinese Communist Party.

The alleged article entitled “Leader and co-founder of Black Lives Matter has a project ‘funded’ by China (see video)” went viral on several social networks and made some internet users start to doubt the social movement, questioning the intention to behind the movement, which became one of the most talked about subjects of the year after the death of George Floyd, who was killed in Minneapolis, United States, in May this year.

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The man was strangled by a white policeman who knelt on his neck during a police approach for allegedly using a counterfeit twenty dollar bill in a supermarket.

The alleged news published on the Jornal da Cidade Online website, which addressed the involvement of the leader of the social movement, is not true. Originally, the publication that links Alicia Garza to the Chinese Communist Party was reported by The Daily Signal, an American conservative portal.

At the time of its publication, the news also had repercussions on the social networks of the Americans, however, shortly afterwards a report by The New York Times clarified that the article published in the blog, in fact, confused the name of two organizations that own the same name, and therefore linked the Black Lives Matter to the Chinese government. Thus, the information that Alicia Garza is a partner in a Chinese pro-communism group is false. The information was verified by the agency Lupa.

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