Biden is in shape to carry out his duties, says White House doctor

President Joe Biden, 81, remains “in shape to perform his duties”, with no significant changes in his health, his doctor said on Wednesday (28), after his last annual general check-up before the elections in November.

As a result, the health of Biden, the oldest sitting president in the history of the United States, has become a key issue ahead of the elections.

The long-awaited examination at the Walter Reed military hospital outside Washington was carried out just weeks after a special prosecutor described the White House chief of staff in a report as an “elderly person” with a “bad memory.”

Biden “remains in shape to carry out his duties and fully executes all his responsibilities, without exemptions or adaptations”, confirmed the White House doctor, Kevin O’Connor, when revealing the results of the tests.

The only new thing this year was that Biden used a machine to keep his airways clear at night and reduce sleep interruptions, in addition to an emergency dental procedure, according to O’Connor.

It is worth remembering that Biden is affected by a series of minor physical problems, such as stiffness when walking due to wear and tear on his spine, but there were no significant changes in this compared to last year, according to the report.