More than 100 deaths during food distribution in Gaza

More than a hundred people died this Thursday (29) during a distribution of food and humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, according to the local Ministry of Health, controlled by Hamas.

As a result, the Hamas government accused Israeli soldiers who were mediating the distribution of having fired at the population of the Palestinian territory. Officially, Israel does not confirm that the soldiers opened fire.

An Israeli government official told the Reuters news agency, on condition of anonymity, that Israeli troops fired several times because the soldiers reportedly felt threatened. 

The “New York Times” published a similar report, also without revealing the identity of the Israeli official. The Associated Press news agency claims, based on witnesses, that Israeli soldiers fired.

In a statement, Israeli forces said dozens of people were injured in the pushing and trampling that occurred when Palestinians tried to take humanitarian aid items from trucks.

The Israelis said nothing about the Palestinians’ accusations.

With that, in a statement, the Israeli Armed Forces denied the accusation and stated that the deaths occurred as a result of the rush produced by a crowd that surrounded humanitarian aid trucks.

“This morning, humanitarian aid trucks entered northern Gaza, residents surrounded the trucks and looted the delivered supplies. As a result of the pushing, running and running over of the trucks, dozens of Gazans were killed and injured,” the statement said.