Biden Wins Michigan Democratic Party Primary Election

Joe Biden won the Democratic Party primary elections in Michigan last Tuesday (27). In the state, the American president faced protests over his support for Israel’s actions in the Gaza Strip.

As Michigan is one of the decisive states in the election, the anger of the local population over Biden’s stance on the conflict in the Middle East could jeopardize his bid for re-election.

On the other hand, Donald Trump also won his party’s Michigan caucuses yesterday.

In the 2020 elections, the current US president beat the former president by an advantage of just 2.8 percentage points.

It’s worth remembering that Biden’s victory in the Democratic primary came with a warning from progressives, young voters and Arab-American Democrats in the form of a protest vote: change the course of Israel’s war in Gaza or risk losing a significant share of support in what could be a general election swing state.

On the Republican Party’s side, Trump’s victory also failed to hide a potentially damaging weakness. Once again, a considerable portion of Republicans voted against the unquestioned leader of their party.