Donald Trump’s lawyers say he cannot make a judicial deposit of US$454 million and propose a value of US$100 million

Donald Trump was sentenced in court to pay US$ 454 million for having defrauded the balance sheets of his companies.

However, this Wednesday (28) his lawyers stated that the former president of The United States does not have this amount to deposit in court and proposes to deposit US$100 million.

As a result, Judge Arthur Engoron, from New York, ruled on February 16 that Trump must pay a fine of US$354.9 million for inflating the financial balance sheet numbers of his real estate company, the Trump Organization.

With interest, the bill rises to US$454 million. Additionally, he is banned from doing business in New York State for three years.

The former US president is appealing the sentence. In a document that the lawyers filed with the Court, they state that the amount of US$454 million is exorbitant and that as Trump is also prohibited from doing business in the state of New York (therefore, he cannot take out loans), it is impossible to do so. deposit in court.

Furthermore, they claim that a deposit of US$100 million and the Trump Organization’s properties are sufficient to guarantee that the trial will take place.