Dakota Johnson Worried About New Film’s Performance

Actress Dakota Johnson, 34, is reportedly worried about the repercussions of her new Marvel movie recently released in theaters, ‘Madame Web’. The information is from the Radar Online portal. According to sources heard by the site, Dakota would be afraid that this would tarnish her experience in Hollywood and doom future projects.

Dakota Johnson Says She Hasn’t Seen ‘Madame Web’ And “Probably Won’t”

Dakota is the protagonist of the new Marvel Universe movie. The film follows ‘Spider-Man’ and shows the life of a paramedic who develops the power to see the future. The film has been pointed out as a new failure of the company. Sources revealed to Radar Online that Dakota would have been very bad with the repercussions, and that she would have cried in the face of the situation.

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In addition to criticism from the industry, the film has received harsh statements from fans on social media. Comments like ‘disastrous mess’ and ‘worst comic book movie of recent times’ are some of the feedback left by netizens. The film has been compared to another feature film without much success from the brand: ‘Morbius’. In addition to Dakota Johnson, the cast includes: Sydney Sweeney, Celeste O’Connor, Isabela Merced and Tahar Harim.