Beyoncé Opens Up About Chronic Disease Affecting Scalp

Beyoncé has revealed that she suffers from scalp psoriasis. (Photo: Instagram)

Singer Beyoncé has revealed that she suffers from a chronic illness that affects her hair. The diva explained that she is going through some difficulties due to the disease. It’s psoriasis on the scalp, and Beyoncé has stated that she has sacred moments to take care of the problem.

The revelation was made during an interview with Essence Magazine, published last Sunday (18). Queen Bey stated that she has many beautiful memories about her hair, and that people’s relationship with their own hair is a deeply personal journey. Bey reminisced about her childhood in her mother’s salon, as well as her father using oil to treat her chronic psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic, non-contagious skin disease. It is cyclical, with symptoms that appear and disappear from time to time. The condition is linked to genetic issues, stress, environmental and behavioral factors. The disease is thought to develop when the body’s defense cells release inflammatory substances into the bloodstream, promoting dilation and redness in the skin.