Demi Moore Reveals She Keeps ‘Ghost’ Ceramics

The actress revealed that she keeps the item as a souvenir. (Photo: Paramount Release)

Actress Demi Moore has revealed a surprising detail. She said during an interview that she keeps the ceramic pots made in the scene in the movie Ghost. Demi is the main character of the acclaimed 1990 film alongside Patrick Swayze.

Demi and Patrick marked a generation with their characters, and the scene of the two carving ceramic vessels is remembered to this day. Symbol of the film, the scene in which Demi’s character carves a vase with the help of the spirit of her beloved, played by Patrick.

“I still have the little pots I made, which are pitiful. They are the saddest things,” she said. In the interview, she also talks about what it was like to meet the actor who would play her romantic partner shortly before filming began. Demi stated that she was trying to understand what was so amazing about the actor. Until he took off his shirt, and she could really see the reason for the collapse of many fans.