Gisele Bündchen Reveals Details of Old Addictions

Gisele revealed that she lived through addictions. (Photo: Instagram)

Supermodel Gisele Bündchen reminisced about her former addictions, and detailed the issues surrounding panic attacks in her past. On the cover of Harper’s Bazaar in February, Gisele talked about the radical change she went through to have a better quality of life.

During the interview, Gisele opened up about issues from her youth. According to her, wrongly, her diet was based on cigarettes, pizzas and wine, for the most part. She said these habits early in her career resulted in anxiety and panic attacks. In the mid-2000s, at the age of 20, in New York, the Brazilian says she only consumed cigarettes, frappuccinos, pizza and wine.

According to Gisele, she spent 350 days a year working. A very expressive mark and with that, the diet was a way to keep her energized for it. She recalled that during her crises, her heart raced, her hands sweated, and that all this was caused by various reasons, such as closed places, such as elevators, airplanes.

Faced with this, Gisele sought medical help, and made a radical change in her habits. The blonde cut out alcohol, caffeine, sugar and gluten from her diet. For her, it was this change that caused her anxiety to decrease, and for her to have more physical and mental health. “If you don’t have health, you can’t buy it back,” she said.