Selena Gomez Reveals Her Next Album Will Be Her Last

In an interview, Selena stated that she wants to dedicate herself to her career as an actress and businesswoman. (Photo: Instagram)

Singer Selena Gomez revealed during an interview with Variety magazine that her upcoming album may be her last release as a singer. The star revealed that she wants to focus on her acting career, and also on her business line, as a beauty businesswoman.

Selena has reflected on her desires and her outlook for the future, and for her, focusing on other work may be the best option. She states that ‘there’s still an album in it’, and this points to an end in music releases after that.

The interview with Variety has not yet aired, but the excerpt in which she cites the fact has already been released. “I feel like I have one more album in me, but in a perfect world, I’d probably choose to act,” she said.