Dwayne johnson will not return in the role of Black Adam, see details

After told me, The Rock states that ‘Black Adam’ is not in the initial plans of the DC Multiverse. (Photo: DC Release)

After much said told me, and controversial information, actor Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, stated on his social networks that the movie ‘Black Adam’ is not a priority for DC. Like Henry Cavil and Gal Gadot, apparently The Rock will not return to acting in this universe.

It seems that DC creative director James Gunn has stated that Wonder Woman, Superman, and Black Adam are not in the company’s plans, at least in this first phase. Gunn has been at the head of the studio’s executive direction since November this year, and anticipates some changes in that first moment. He will be the main creative link of the next few years in the studio. 

According to The Rock, during the conversation of the two it was agreed that even if not at first, Black Adam will still be approached and explored. He stated that Black Adam can still be used in another multiverse. Gunn shared a message with fans shortly after, and according to him, the doors to the plot are not closed.