She-Hulk will join the catalog of Marvel spin-offs on Disney+

The series will show the story of Jennifer.(Photo: Disney release)

After a long wait, Disney in partnership with Marvel decided to release the new teaser for She-Hulk, a new series that will be part of the Disney+/Marvel adaptation squad. Lawyer Jennifer Walters gains her powers after a blood transfusion with her cousin Bruce Banner, the famous Hulk. The lawyer needs help after suffering a serious accident. The released trailer contains some hidden pieces and important easter eggs. Let’s break them down.

For starters, let’s talk about the new heroine’s costume. The clothing used by Jennifer in the video is purple, and does not refer to any other already existing. Even so, it brings a color similar to green highlighted, which shows the concern of the photography of the series to keep it harmonious. The law firm where the main character works specializes in “super people” cases, such as Spider-Man and Doctor Strange. The name present in the teaser (GLKH) is a big easter egg, and it brings important figures. In addition, some well-known villains in the Hulk films appear for audiences in this new production. Such as The Abominable.

We can see that there will be a kind of training. Bruce will train Jennifer to master her transition and strength. And, on top of that, the Hulk himself appears training her, in his transformed form. Issues with anger management will be addressed and supported by the cousin. However, Jennifer seems to control her new form very well. In several moments, the main character breaks through the fourth wall of the theater and faces the audience directly. The real identity of the heroine is still unknown. In the released video we can see that she becomes a celebrity. Even so, we will need to wait for more pieces of this puzzle to better complete certain data. Some criticisms of the special effects that make the actress green were made, and memes spread across the internet.

Watch the trailer here: