Backstage of Ginny and Georgia: Season 2 almost finished

The story revolves around the life of a mother and daughter. (Photo: Netflix release)

The shooting of the second season of Netflix series Ginny and Georgia is almost over. The actors and staff shared photos and videos of the moments behind the scenes. The Showrunner Debra Fisher posted on her Instagram kind moments of joke and laugh. 

The story revolves around the life of a mother and daughter who move frequently, with the other soon Austin. Ginny or Virginia is the first child of Georgia, and she tries to live her best life. The family has just arrived in Wellsbury, and is trying to settle into a home and new traditions. Georgia has a difficult past, and she hides certain things from her children. At one point, some ghosts from the past appear and prevent the family’s new life from continuing. The first season left several unresolved issues, and some mysteries.

The second season is expected to premiere in late 2022. Fans are excited, and the cast even more so. The mother-daughter relationship present in the plot made many compare it to the “Gilmore Girls”. The first season was very successful, and a short time later the second was already settled. 

Check out behind the scenes photos here: