Second season of Bridgerton is out: what’s new

The series follows the order of Julia Quinn’s books. (Photo: Netflix release).

The second season of the critically acclaimed gossip series premiered last week (25). In a week has already managed to break the record for most watched on the platform. The series follows the order of Julia Quinn’s books. The first season was about the story of Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke of Hastings. Their love story was passionate and exciting. In this second season we don’t have the duke’s presence, but Daphne and their son do. This article might contain little spoilers, if you haven’t seen the show yet be careful. 


Last season we saw the love story between Daphne and Simon, in a busy Social Season. We were introduced to the most important families of high society, and to Lady Whistledown, who was revealed to the public at the end of season one. To introduce season two, we have Eloise in her moment of being introduced to society and the queen; and Anthony in search of a wife. The new Social Season begins with the return of the “gossip”newsletters, which make the queen nervous. The arrival of the Sharma family causes a great uproar. Lady Mary and her daughters Kate and Edwina Sharma are new and attract the attention of everyone, including the Viscount. 


Season two

This season is about love. Family love. We have all the elements a romcom needs. But the main focus is the love and union of the families. The diamond of the season was chosen by the queen: Edwina Sharma was awarded the title, and attracts many suitors. But there’s a secret behind the Sharma family. It turns out that Lady Mary chose to marry an Indian, leaving her family in London. Years later they are back surrounded by a new secret that only Kate knows about. An arrangement with Edwina’s grandparents for the wedding. 

Meanwhile, Anthony, the eldest of the Bridgerton brothers, is looking for the perfect wife. He wants to choose a partner with his head, not his heart. What could go wrong? At the same time, Eloise is determined to discover the identity of the great gossip. She has a keen investigative spirit, and accidentally discovers the typography the Lady uses. There she meets a fellow of ideals, and starts to visit meetings of the radical party. We got to know the story of Viscount Edmund Bridgerton, and how his death impacted Anthony’s life. An early and tragic death from a bee sting. He is traumatized by watching his father pass away in his arms in such a way, and has changed his posture since then.

Returning to the main character, Anthony decides to court the diamond of the season: Edwina. But for that, he needs to pass the approval of her sister, Kate. Kate and the Viscount don’t get along, and they fight all the time. Like every good romance story, I would say. The story scalates to the point where while courting Edwina, Anthony falls in love with her sister. How to solve such a problem? Some people around notice the issue and try to warn him. But he goes on with the wedding, which ends up not happening. A big scandal for the family. After twists, accidents and fights, they stop lying to themselves and assume their love. In the end Eloise and Penelope’s friendship is shaken by certain discoveries.

This season is about family love, forgiveness, and friendship. In addition to the super well-crafted costumes, the richness of details, the impeccable makeup and the photography worthy of an award. Dearest gentle reader, this is the resume of this fabulous second season. The series is renewed for third and fourth seasons. Shonda Rhimes declared that for her there will be eight seasons, like the eight books. One for each Bridgerton brother. The next one will be about Colin. After the situation with Marina Thompson, he might be able to find someone. The next London Social Season promises, yes or of course? After all, love never plays by the rules. 


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