Britney Spears thanks her fans for their great support… after her attorney ‘compares her mental state to a patient in a coma’

Britney Spears has thanked her legions of fans for their support in a new Instagram post. Her post comes amid a testy battle with her father Jamie Spears over the terms of her conservatorship (Photo: Instagram)

Britney Spears, 38, has been in the spotlight as she battles father Jamie Spears for control over her legal conservatorship.

The situation around her conservatorship has prompted Spears fans to rally around the #FreeBritney movement, which supports the singer’s independence from the strict rules around the conservatorship agreement.

The post featured a sweet selfie of the longtime celeb in three ever-so-slightly different edits. The trio of pics were paired with a gushing caption.

‘To my fans …. I want to thank you guys so much for your support throughout the years !!!!!’ the Overprotected songstress wrote in an emoji and ellipses-peppered caption.

‘Sometimes when I read the comments ….. yup, we all do it sometimes….. It shows me how loved I am and how beautiful people really are !!!!!! I mean seriously though !!!!!’

‘Anyhow …. thanks for all your KIND words ….. it means so much to me ….. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!

‘So you know I really care ….. I will say it again ….. GOD BLESS YOU ALL !!!!! PS first pic is the original.’

Britney’s sweet post comes after some ugly statements made by her own legal team.

Attorney Sam Ingham said Wednesday in a hearing that the Stronger singer’s current mental state is that of a patient in a coma.

Ingham said the Grammy-winning singer was not able to sign a declaration that would state her side of the issue. He clarified that while she is not literally in a coma, she is not able at this time to consent to a legal arrangement.

Ingham noted that attorneys can speak on behalf of comatose patients, according to the outlet. The judge in the case set a later date to address the issue.

Wallet had worked for the family from 2008 to 2019 in a co-conservator capacity, Britney said, adding she had ‘difficult budgetary choices going forward’ and could not afford his services. She noted that he made millions in the past off of his work with the family.

Jamie later told the court that Britney had not portrayed the situation accurately in her complaint to the court.