Trump wins primary in South Carolina, rival Nikki Haley’s state

Donald Trump won the South Carolina Republican primaries on Saturday (24), defeating Nikki Haley, who was previously governor of the state.

As a result, the victory by around 20 percentage points consolidates the former American president’s advantage in the dispute to be the Republican Party’s candidate for President of the United States. The country’s elections will be in November.

On the Democratic side, President Joe Biden also has to contest the primaries, but his nomination is taken for granted.

It’s worth remembering that Trump has won all the primaries so far (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and the British Virgin Islands), winning 63 delegates.

This number now adds to the 44 new delegates guaranteed with the victory in South Carolina – according to preliminary data. The former US president therefore reaches a total of 107, while his rival Nikki Haley has 17, according to “The New York Times”.

“It was earlier than we anticipated, and larger than we anticipated,” Trump said after Saturday’s results. “I’ve never seen the Republican party as united as it is now.”

South Carolina was Nikki Haley’s best shot since the primaries began – she governed the state twice. Even so, polls already indicated that she would be defeated by Trump.

The next primary takes place on Tuesday (27), in Michigan. Then, the so-called Super Tuesday is planned, on March 5th, when 15 states will vote.