Kim Kardashian Cries Upon Learning of Ex’s Health Problems

Kim broke down in tears upon learning of Kanye’s health problems. (Photo: Instagram)

In a new episode of The Kardashians, Kim appears talking to her sister Khloe about the issues surrounding her ex-husband Kanye West. According to her, after the racist statements made by him, she felt very bad, and her mental health was shaken. 

The statements were made by him in October last year, and earned him suspensions on social media. Kim’s outburst to Khloe aired on Thursday’s episode (06). She claimed she literally stopped her life after the case. “I literally haven’t changed my clothes in two days. I have to pull myself together, but I just can’t,” she said.

Kim cried, and said he was in doubt as to how to position himself. In the end, she published a note in support of the Jewish community, which was attacked by Kanye. She lamented her ex’s attitude, and commented that he had many opportunities to recant, and yet he did the exact opposite. “I don’t know him anymore. He’s so different from the person I married,” Kim said.