Gerard Pique speaks ill of Shakira fans for being Latin American

According to the player, the hates he received are due to the origin of Shakira’s fans. (Photo: Instagram)

Former soccer player Gerard Pique took a swipe at Latin American fans of his ex-wife Shakira during an interview with a Spanish podcast. In his words, he stated that he received many hate messages from the singer’s fans, because of their place of origin.

Pique was accused of xenophobia after the speeches, and Shakira made a post alluding to the comments. “Proud to be Latin American,” she said in Spanish on Twitter, Shakira also placed the emojis of the flags of all the member countries of Latin America.

According to Pique, his ex-wife has many Latin American fans, and they sent him many hate messages. He further stated that these people have no life, and that he does not care about them. He sees them as robots. Since last year, Shakira and Pique have been separated, and controversies about the separation have been circulating in the media. From betrayals on his part to aggressions that his mother would have caused in the singer. Shakira moved from Spain with her children to Miami, USA.