Dua Lipa is introduced as a character in the film Barbie

Dua Lipa will be the mermaid Barbie. (Photo: Warner Release)

British singer Dua Lipa has been confirmed as a cast member of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie. Dua will be a mermaid Barbie in the film, and it was released on an official poster of the film.

The new universe of Barbie was presented to the world last Tuesday (4), and all the characters won a poster. In addition, the first official trailer has been released. In it you could get an idea of how Barbie’s life will work.

With a more feminist look, Greta aims to demystify the most famous doll in the world. She brings the Barbies in professions and in high positions, while the Ken dolls are just ‘Kens’. One of the most high-profile scenes is the moment when Margot Robbie, who plays the main doll, takes off her shoes and remains on tiptoe, just like the original doll, who had her feet in shape to enter the shoe.