Rihanna reveals routine rehearsals for Super Bowl

The singer returned to the spotlight, and was promised to perform a tour. (Photo: Instagram)

Singer Rihanna revealed last week (08) details of her routine in preparation for the big Super Bowl show. The 2023 NFL finals halftime show will feature the muse in an exclusive performance after years of a break in his music career. 

Rihanna’s big comeback won’t just be in the presentation. Information from specialized newspapers indicates that she will be touring the world. The singer revealed extreme dedication in the preparation of the shows, and stated that left more than 39 options of show ready.

According to her, her intention is that everything is 100% correct on the day of the presentation. The NFL Finals take place next Sunday, February 12.”The setlist was my biggest challenge. Maximize 13 minutes.”, said the singer. For Rihanna, the show will be a celebration of her catalog, and everything will go as best as possible. She explained that some songs were left out, but that she believes she and her team did a good job.