When Is the Best Time to Sell a Car? A Helpful Guide

New cars in the U.S. sold for an average of $47,077 in December 2021. That’s a $5,742 increase from December 2020’s average transaction price of $41,335!

So it’s no wonder Americans are turning to the used vehicle market. Indeed, 40.9 million used cars got sold in 2021 alone.

For the same reason, you’re more than likely to have potential buyers if you put your ride up for sale. That’s as long as you know the best time to sell a car.

Ready to know when that is? Then read on to correctly time your sale and have your car sold off ASAP.

During Tax Season

In the U.S., April is the deadline for filing federal tax returns. However, the IRS starts accepting and processing them as early as late January. Once processed, the agency usually issues tax refunds within 21 calendar days.

Tax refunds are often sizeable, with the average being $3,039 per taxpayer this 2022 alone. That gives consumers a budget boost, making them more inclined to shop for a car.

Hence, tax season is one of the best times to consider selling a car.

During the Warmer Months

More new and used cars for sale get sold during spring and summer because people are more likely to travel then. Indeed, a 2022 poll found that using a personal vehicle is the top choice for folks in the U.S. with summer travel plans.

Thus, one of the best time-related car selling tips is to sell during the warmer seasons.

The better weather conditions are also some of the top reasons to sell a car in spring or summer. After all, the roads are often dry during these seasons, so they’re ideal for carrying out test drives.

On the other hand, most people don’t want to drive when it’s raining all the time.

If You Need Cash ASAP

Consider putting your ride up for sale if you’re in a dire financial pinch. You can start the process by searching online using the keywords “sell my car.” You’ll see companies offering to buy vehicles for cash, even those as old as 2000 models.

Moreover, most cash buyers provide free vehicle valuations. You only need to fill out a form and provide essential details like the year, make, and model of your car. From there, you can set a schedule for the inspection, after which you get a cash offer for your ride.

If you find the offer agreeable, you can then sign the contract. And, provided you choose a reputable buyer, they’ll handle all the sales-related paperwork. You’ll receive your money soon after, which you can use to deal with your financial woes.

Choose the Best Time to Sell a Car

And there you have it, your guide on the best time to sell a car. You’ve learned that it’s usually during the tax season, spring, or summer. However, if you need cash, say for an emergency or to buy a new car ASAP, you can always opt to sell your car to a cash buyer today.

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