What is fast fashion?

Fast Fashion is an unsustainable global trend. (Photo: Reproduction / Freepik)

Fast fashion is a name for “fast fashion”. The consolidation of the term came with the media, around 1990, to name products from the fashion industry that were manufactured, consumed and disposed of in an increasingly agile way.

Fast fashion companies observe people’s consumption habits, that is, what is “in fashion”, and manufacture dozens of pieces in a short period of time. The suits are characterized by being cheaper and by having a lower quality and durability.

In the world, several brands have already adhered to this production model, among them, stand out Zara, Forever 21, Gap, H&M, SHEIN, among others.

Despite being more accessible than haute couture, fast fashion accumulates several problems. Numerous manufacturers have already been self-employed by slave labor or slavery-like labor, with exhaustive working hours, low pay and illegal hires. Companies profit by not investing in the production process so as not to pass on prices to consumers.

In addition, the industry has become the second most pollutant in the world. In the process of making clothes, insoluble pigments and heavy metals are used. Synthetic fabrics, derived from fossil fuels, are more common and contribute to the increase in the emission of polluting gases and also contribute to the multiplication of plastic disposal, since the pieces are often not recycled.