The Ultimate Guide to Buying Gifts for Smokers

Do you have a loved one who enjoys smoking? If so and a special occasion is coming up, you need to get them a gift they are going to get a kick out of. Buying gifts for smokers isn’t hard. Since you know your loved one likes smoking, a gift that’s related to that is an obvious choice. However, there are many different cigarette-related things you can buy. If you are aware of this and unsure what to get them, this post has you covered. In this article, you will learn what gifts are the best ones to give to smokers and how to show your loved one you care about them.

Buying Cigarettes for Them

If the occasion you are buying your loved one a gift for isn’t all that special (or if you just want to get them an impromptu present), why not just buy them cigarettes? You can find affordable cigarettes with relative ease online. Try to buy from smaller brands that prioritize delivering quality products to customers. Larger brands are more focused on money and thus don’t put as much care into their cigarettes. If you are interested in buying your loved one cigarettes, see if they have a favorite brand as well. Buying them their favorite brand of cigarettes shows you know and care about them. The best way to find out what a loved one’s brand of choice is to ask them for a cigarette. They’ll take their packet out, showing you what they smoke. Don’t hesitate to get them an alternative brand as well as their favorite one, though.

Rolling Tray Set

Not every smoker smokes cigarettes. Some smoke marijuana. Since marijuana’s widespread legalization, almost everybody uses it. If your loved one is an avid pot smoker, why not buy them a rolling tray set? A rolling tray set will give them somewhere comfortable to prepare their joints. Make sure that if you do buy them a tray set, you buy from a reliable brand that prioritizes manufacturing quality products. A brand’s reviews will help you to decide whether their products are suitable as a gift for your loved one or not. Rolling tray sets can also be customized, i.e., have your loved one’s name and a special message engraved into them. If you are going to have a custom one made, do everything you can to make sure that it is special and something they are going to appreciate.

Smoker’s Kit

A smoker’s kit is an alternative to a rolling tray set. These kits contain lots of different types of cigarettes, cigars, and smoking utensils. They are widely available and a great option for people who like the actual act of smoking, i.e., the ritual. If you do plan on buying a kit of this kind for your loved one, do your research and make sure they don’t have anything you’re gifting them. Your gift needs to be useful. If they already have all of the things you are giving them, they aren’t going to get much use out of them. You can either buy a smoker’s kit that has already been assembled or you can put one together yourself. If you are going to put your own kit together, make sure that you include rolling papers, lighters, and raw tobacco. Consider buying flavored tobacco if you want them to try something new.

Engraved Lighter

An engraved lighter is a great gift option. If you are interested in getting an engraved lighter commissioned for your loved one, you need to find a manufacturer whose products stand the test of them. There’s no sense in buying a lighter made out of flimsy, low-quality materials. Your loved one’s lighter is a gift they should be able to use for the rest of their life. Always read a vendor’s reviews before you work with them. Also worth noting is that the type of companies that commission bespoke lighters typically charge large sums for their services. A lot of work has to go into engraving lighters, so keep this in mind. You can get engraved lighters made out of a range of different metals, from gold to silver and of course steel. Make sure that the metal you choose is one you think your loved one is going to appreciate and one that’s hardy and durable.

Personalized Box

An alternative to getting your loved one an engraved lighter is a custom box. Smokers often have a hard time keeping track of their utensils. Lighters and rolling papers are always misplaced. Getting your loved one a personalized box will give them somewhere that they can store their things and at the same time remember you. If you are going to Commission a custom box, try to come up with a design that you think your loved one is going to enjoy. Make sure that their name is also engraved into it. If you want to write a message to them, the company that creates the box for them will be able to do this for you.

Consider a Vape

Vaping has become a favorite of ex-smokers. Vaping is a highly effective way for your loved one to get their fix without consuming the other chemicals present in cigarettes. However, many smokers find vaping unappealing or unsatisfying, so if your loved one isn’t turned on by the idea of vapes, get them something else. If they have expressed an interest in vapes in the past though, then consider picking them up a disposable rig. Disposable vapes are very affordable and widely available. They are a great option for somebody who’s not sold on the idea of vaping yet. If your loved one does smoke marijuana, they will be pleased to know that it’s possible to get vape cartridges that contain THC. THC is the chief psychoactive component in marijuana, so pure THC cartridges can be a great way for them to get high or treat their health problems.

If you have a loved one who’s a passionate smoker and a special occasion just around the corner, get them a gift. Make sure it’s a gift they’re going to remember. Use the guidance given here to ensure you get them a good one and consider the suggestions made.