Biden says he is ‘outraged’ after attack that killed 7 NGO workers in Gaza

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, said this Tuesday (2) that he is outraged by the death of seven workers from the NGO World Central Kitchen in the Gaza Strip. An American was among the victims.

With this, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, admitted that the workers were killed by the Israeli Army, but unintentionally. 

The NGO team led by Spanish chef José Andrés, famous in the USA, had just taken a load of food to the Palestinian territory hours before the bombing.

The US president said the letters were not an isolated incident and said the NGO’s employees “were courageous and selfless and their deaths are a tragedy.”

In February, more than a hundred people died during the distribution of food and humanitarian aid in the region. In March, six people seeking help died from Israeli fire, according to the Gaza Ministry of Health, controlled by the Hamas terrorist group.

Biden also called for a thorough investigation to find out why the cars where the NGO workers were traveling were bombed. According to the NGO, the vehicles had the logo and name drawn on the roof and were driving alone on a road in a conflict-free area.

“This investigation must be swift, it must bring accountability and its findings must be released to the public,” Biden said.

The US president also said that “Israel does not do enough to protect aid workers” who bring aid to the population of the Gaza Strip, which is on the brink of collapse from famine.

“Incidents like yesterday simply should not happen. Israel has also not done enough to protect civilians. The United States has repeatedly called on Israel to decouple its military operations against Hamas from humanitarian operations in order to avoid civilian casualties,” he said. Joe Biden in note.