Trump pays $175 million fine for fraud

Former President of the United States Donald Trump paid a fine of US$175 million after being convicted of tax fraud by the New York Court. The deposit was confirmed this Monday (1st).

As a result, on March 25, the court accepted an appeal from the former president’s defense to reduce the fine by 60%. The original value stipulated was US$454 million. After the decision, Trump was given 10 days to pay the fine.

In February, Donald Trump was convicted in the first instance for having defrauded the balance sheets of one of his companies, the Trump Organization, which operates in the real estate sector. 

The objective of the fraud, according to the accusation, was to obtain loans and do business under better conditions.

Furthermore, the former president denied irregularities and stated that the action was a politically motivated witch hunt.

Payment of the fine prevents the former president from having assets confiscated by the courts as a means of executing the fine for his conviction.