Super Tuesday brings together primaries in up to 16 US states and should consolidate Biden and Trump as ‘favorites’

The most important date of the American pre-election period began this Tuesday (5): Super Tuesday, as the day on which several states vote simultaneously for candidates for President of the United States is called.

Historically, the day tends to be decisive for both the Republican and Democratic Parties, but, mainly, for the party in opposition (this time, the Republicans).

As a result, this year the candidacies on both sides are practically defined. Despite controversies such as the issue of age and lack of memory, on Joe Biden’s side, and the lawsuits that Republican Donald Trump faces in court, both emerge as absolute favorites in their parties.

Trump was president of the USA between 2017 and 2020 and this Monday (4), he was cleared by the Supreme Court to run. Biden has held the presidency of the United States since January 2021, after defeating Trump in the 2020 elections.

Finally, this year, 15 states will vote on Super Tuesday for the Republican Party; by Democrats, there will be 16 locations, including the territory of American Samoa