Rebecca Ferguson remembers abusive co-star: “I told him to f* himself”

Rebecca Ferguson recalled a conflict with an abusive co-star in a new interview with the Reign with Josh Smith podcast.

As a result, although she preferred not to name the person in question, she confirmed that it was not Tom Cruise (Mission: Impossible) nor Hugh Jackman (The Greatest Showman, Memory Lane).

“There was a moment when this human being, who was feeling very insecure because he couldn’t finish his scenes, acted very angry. I was very uncomfortable, because he was yelling at me. But this person was the main star of the film, so I didn’t feel safe confronting her. Nobody was there to protect me, so I just went home crying every day,” she commented.

“I arrived and told him to get the f*** off my set. Of course I was very scared, but I took courage and said: ‘You can go f*** yourself, I’d rather work with a tennis ball than with you. I don’t want to see your face’. Then one of the producers came and told me: ‘We can’t do this to the protagonist of the film. We have to let him on the set'”, he said.

Ultimately, Ferguson negotiated with the director and producers so that she could film her scenes with the actor in question with his back to her. “I remember at the end of that day, the director came to me and apologized. 

He said, ‘You’re right, I’m not taking good care of my actors. I’m giving in to pressure from this particular person, because she’s very unstable'”, she added.

Having an extensive CV in Hollywood, Ferguson has worked alongside some of cinema’s biggest stars, such as Dwayne Johnson (Hercules), Hugh Grant (Florence: Who’s That Woman?), Justin Theroux (The Girl on the Train), Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal (Life), Michael Fassbender (Snowman), Chris Hemsworth (MIB: Men in Black – International), Ewan McGregor (Doctor Sleep) and, of course, the entire cast of the Dune franchise.

The star’s next film is Dune: Part 2, which hits theaters this Thursday (29).