Biden faces first campaign test in Michigan, states with largest Arab-American populations

A Democratic group is working tirelessly with Arab and Muslim voters in Michigan to send President Joe Biden a message of protest against the government’s support for Israel in the Gaza war. 

The “Listen to Michigan” campaign encourages voters to put the “uncommitted” option on the Democratic ballot: it means they vote for the party, without supporting any candidate.

As a result, the Democratic primaries (as well as the Republican ones) take place this Tuesday (27) in Michigan.

Coordinated by the sister of congresswoman Rachida Tlaib, the only one of Palestinian origin in the US House of Representatives, the movement is far from threatening Biden’s victory in the Michigan primaries, but it represents the most significant challenge to him so far in this campaign.

Biden’s support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s policies has triggered anger and resentment among the country’s Muslim residents. Last week, the US exercised its veto power for the third time on a Security Council resolution on the ceasefire in Gaza.

The disagreements with Netanyahu and the concerns expressed by Biden and Secretary Antony Blinken regarding the humanitarian tragedy in the Palestinian territory are considered insufficient by the movement.

The American government has been reiterating its ties with its ally in the Middle East and conditions the end of the fighting on the release of hostages held by Hamas.

In Michigan, former President Trump leads by two points (46% to 44%) in a likely race with Biden in November, according to the most recent survey by the website “The Hill” with Emerson College Polling.

Regarding this Tuesday’s Democratic primaries, the poll revealed that 75% support the American president and 9% plan to select the “no commitment” option in the primaries.