Bruce Willis’ wife says actor has no idea of extent of illness

Actor was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. (Photo: Instagram)

The wife of actor Bruce Willis said in an interview that her husband is unaware of the extent of his illness. Emma Heming Willis stressed that she is still going through a process of learning about the disease that affects the actor. For her, the main thing is that dementia is very difficult.

“It’s hard for the person diagnosed. It’s hard for the family,” Emma said. She explained that the phrase ‘it’s a family disease’ is very true. Everyone becomes involved. Bruce’s disease has no cure or specific treatment. 

In February this year, the actor was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia. According to family reports, Bruce would not be recognizing his mother. In addition, Bruce was also diagnosed with aphasia, which would have caused him to take a break from his career. The actor has 5 children, two girls with Emma, and another 3 from his marriage to Demi Moore.