Doja Cat in new controversy after responding to fans

Doja Cat responded to fans on social media aggressively. (Photo: Instagram)

Singer Doja Cat has become embroiled in a new controversy on social media. The artist showed a kind of contempt after some followers called themselves ‘kittenz’, which would be the name created for Doja’s fan club. “Get a job,” she said. 

Doja posted via Instagram Threads, a critique of the most passionate fans, who consider themselves ‘kittenz’. According to her, this nickname should not exist. She said in a tone of revolt that names should not be created for a group of admirers. 

For her, these people worried about following her are unoccupied, and that’s a waste of time. “It means you have to hang up the phone, get a job,” she said. Followers were disappointed in the singer. “Without fans she’s nothing,” said one netizen. This isn’t the first time Doja has gotten into controversy online.