New details of fight between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

After the divorce, the couple faced disagreements of interest during a court battle. (Photo: 20th Century Studios release)

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s feud after their troubled divorce has gained a new chapter, with assaults and abuse. According to details provided by Vanity Fair, the former couple currently find themselves as enemies, and the legal battle between the two only increases.

The legal issues extend from the U.S. to Europe, more precisely in France, where the two own a winery, bought in 2007. The intention at the time was to build a refuge for their children to grow up away from harassment. Winemaking became Pitt’s great passion, and he put Jolie together in the endeavor.

The big fight that would have culminated in the divorce happened on the return of one of the family’s trips to this refuge in 2016. According to information from the magazine, acts of violence were carried out by Brad against Angelina inside the plane. From there the court battle began. Initially, Jolie was going to sell her share of the winery to her husband, but after impositions from him, she declined.

The imposition was a contractual clause that would prevent Jolie from speaking in public about the family’s personal events, including the big fight on the plane. According to her, this would be a ‘gag’, and she did not agree, not closing a deal. In 2021, Jolie closed the sale of her share to a large group from the wine world, and Brad couldn’t stop the sale.