Shakira asks for respect from children: ‘Sensitive moment’

Shakira asked the press to leave her children alone. (Photo: Instagram)

Colombian singer Shakira published a public note addressed to the mainstream press. In content, she kindly asked journalists to leave her two sons, Milan and Sasha, alone. After turbulent times in their lives, she said, the boys are starting life together with her elsewhere.

Shakira explained that as a public figure it is understandable to want to report and follow along. However, your children don’t have to go through this, and they’ve suffered too much in the last year. She said the two have been suffering incessant harassment from the press and media in Barcelona. 

She called for everyone’s understanding, and said she trusts journalists will abide by her request. Shak wishes the two of them could live as humanely as possible, without harassment. She said she takes the health and well-being of her children very much into account, and that a ceasefire is needed by journalists. She concluded by saying that she is not making this request as an artist, but rather as a mother.