Hailey Bieber thanks Selena Gomez for her support

Selena Gomez followed Hailey on Instagram, and she reciprocated the follow-up. (Photo: Instagram/Collage)

Model Hailey Bieber publicly thanked Selena Gomez for her gesture. The singer made a statement to fans, at Hailey’s request, to stop pouring hate on Justin’s wife. The two exchanged followers on Instagram, and asked for peace.

Selena is the ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, who is currently married to Hailey. The issues between the two run through Justin, and include some indirect and posts from friends on social media. Hailey thanked Selena for her attitude, and stated that the two discussed how to end the narrative of rivalry.

Hailey asked Selena to intervene in the situation as she was receiving threats against her life and a lot of hate online. In her statement, she said that recent times have been very difficult for those involved and everything that had been happening was extremely harmful. The model stated that many things have been taken out of context, and that she believes that love always trumps hate.