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What is the best PDF to Word Converter? PDF to Word has been facing many problems, and the products that truly satisfy users can be described as one in a hundred. The purpose of this article is to outline a series of PDF to Word tools for you to face the problems of PDF format conversion , in order to better filter out high-quality Convert pdf to word services.

Why is PDF to Word difficult?

In the final analysis, the reason for the garbled characters, sorting errors, and unreasonable spaces in PDF to Word is that the PDF file can only guarantee the printing result.

When they develop PDF to Word tools, they often think about what will happen to these phenomena and how to solve them.

Summary of FAQs:

  1. PDF files lack text order or connection information, making connections difficult to identify

Characters from different blocks are concatenated across blocks, resulting in strange contexts.

Table rows, columns, and cell contents are connected and cannot be used as tables.

Fragments of text can be extracted from graphs, diagrams, etc., but its meaning cannot be understood.

The characters in the extracted text are in a different order than they appear in the original PDF.

  1. Unable to get the character code of the displayed text

Some characters displayed on the screen cannot be copied (some characters are lost when pasted).

When displaying the paste result, the characters (garbled characters in shape) are different from when the original PDF is displayed.

  1. The reason is how to express the appearance and decoration of characters when creating PDF files

Characters are doubled when pasting.

The pasted text contains characters that were not visible in the original PDF display.

  1. Due to the method of specifying character positions in the PDF, the text is arranged differently on the screen (appearance) and inside the PDF file

Spaces and newlines that did not exist before appear between characters in the pasted text.

When viewing the original PDF, there are spaces between characters, but the spaces are filled with pasted text.

In the PDF display, there are spaces between characters and no spaces when pasting.

The pasted text contains characters that appear in various places in the PDF.

Workaround – AbcdPDF Platform C onvert pdf to word

generation product, but these problems inspired the AbcdPDF platform development team, they eliminated the problems one by one, and brainstormed, and finally developed the current Convert pdf to word.

The AbcdPDF R&D team believes that:

When extracting characters from the entire page of a PDF opened on the screen or from a specific rectangular area within the page, the extracted characters must be arranged in a line according to the flow of the sentence. This requires knowing the orientation of characters and lines within a particular display area, as well as the start and end of lines within that area.

When a page is split and consists of blocks such as columns, columns, tables, graphs, etc., it should be correctly identified as a block.

When selecting multiple blocks to copy, do not mix text from different blocks.

Through research , they found that the printed PDF text can be divided into kihon-hanmen and non-hanmen. It is necessary to separate the columns and page numbers placed at the top and bottom of the page (rarely the front) from the text of the kihon-hanmen.

And so on experience.

PDF to Word product concept map:

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about spending unnecessary money to buy a tool or plug-in that meets the above requirements. The AbcdPDF platform Convert pdf to word breaks through these issues one by one. It has efficient conversion speed and satisfactory conversion speed. the accuracy rate.


What is the best PDF to Word Converter? This article gives you an overview of how the AbcdPDF platform’s online tool, Convert pdf to word , works and makes a breakthrough in solving the PDF to Word problem. Now you only need to visit the website and bookmark it for permanent use. use it.